Mountain View, California

Jacob Cavazos

Web Development & IT Operations Engineering

About Me

Hello, my name is Jacob Cavazos and thank you visiting my personal website. I am a high-performing results-driven IT Operations and Software Development Engineer with comprehensive experience across multiple IT projects, web application development and integration, infrastructure management, and quality assurance in dynamic, high-impact, and fast-paced environments. I thrive in driving business growth, directing creative and technical initiatives, providing operational support, and implementing cutting-edge information solutions to address business opportunities and organizational growth.

This site was built as a static single page app using Material Design Bootstrap, React, and GatsbyJS. The app is deployed to Netlify on a serverless architecture from a private Github Repository as well as concurrently building and pushing a docker image to a public repository on Docker Hub


I believe in enjoying life and the importance of being in the the moment so I aim to live with a sense of adventure. I am not afraid of failure so by extending myself beyond my level of comfort in a controlled manner. I am always pushing to learn continuously through direct experience. I enjoy learning as much as I can and living as an gift and treasure to be enjoyed because to me my memories are more precious than luxurious material possessions which seem to come and go with the ebb and flow of time. Each day truly brings about new opportunities for education and adventures which should be seized upon in fulfillment of a well lived and meaningful existence.


I have over four years of experience in an academic computational research laboratory and nine years of experience using Linux command line interface mostly with Red Hat and CentOS but I have been learning and utilizing Ubuntu quite a bit over the past year as well. I have been involved in web development for almost two years starting out with WordPress and PHP but my more recent focus lies within the realm of JavaScript and Ruby on Rails full stack web application development. During the past year in a concerted effort to transition into DevOps from operational and administrative roles I dedicated myself to learning Ruby and JavaScript because I believe that if you cannot develop software then you will not be very successful in the modern software and information technology culture..


Philosophy is very important to me. Throughout my life I have struggled for purpose and sought for meaning as we all must and within that struggle I have found that the only true meaning I have garnered and which brings me a happy and purposeful existence is a dedication to responsibility and stewardship. I firmly believe in assisting others, sharing, teaching, and generally leaving things in a better state than when I first encounter them. I feel that by our very existence we are burdened with this task and that it is instrumental to self fulfillment. Experience has taught me that you always get back more than you give away and so I am driven by this underpinning to work hard in dedicated to life long learning.

My Skills